The Walking Dead Current Issue: #129

The Walking Dead #129 is Issue #3 of “A New Beginning”. Skybound will be offering a variant of The Walking Dead #129 at SDCC 2014 starting July 24, 2014. This variant is also a connecting cover with the SDCC Manifest Destiny Variant, can be seen on the next issue page. SDCC 2014 will also have Escape Variants for those attending the event. The variants are currently available from past events.

  • July 24 The Walking Dead Escape Variant
  • Diamond: NA

  • July 24 The Walking Dead Escape B&W Variant
  • Diamond: NA

  • July 09 The Walking Dead #129
  • Diamond: MAY140744



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Volume 22: A New Beginning


The Walking Dead TPB/HC:

The Walking Dead Volume 20 “All Out War” will be available: March, 05 2014
This is the first story arc that involves 12 comics. Please Note: this is Part One of Two. This way the volumes can remain the same size.

  • March 5 The Walking Dead Volume 20 Part One
  • Diamond: JAN140559